Dear Madam Editor,

LAST Sunday, we read about Sun.Star Davao's awards (again) and we say, we are really very proud to have a community newspaper that is not wanting in quality and content.

Many, however, seem to take this for granted and so I am writing my praise so that other may realize that indeed, what you are doing for the community is much appreciated.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

I'm a regular reader, especially of your Sunday issues. I track down every good review you write about food she has eaten, and order what she has tasted. It was funny to bump into another customer whom I overheard was talking about your suggestions. When I overheard that on the other table, I felt happy that I was not the only one reading and trying out the places you have been.

I also appreciate the features of sports personalities that the Sunday issue regularly has. I believe that by focusing on achievers like these, the readers are inspired, while those written about are challenged to do even better. Thus, the article no longer becomes just an article to read about, but is pushing our people to do even better.

The cover stories too are outstanding as it brings forward stories that other news organizations in our city have been giving little notice of.

Truly, Sun.Star Davao deserves accolades, and this is just my own show of support, as a regular reader who appreciates what the newspaper has been writing for the community. Thank you for all your efforts and please continue with your brand of journalism.


Mary Emerina Garcia