MONKAYO, Compostela Valley - Communist rebels ambushed a military vehicle in the gold-rich mountain of Diwalwal on Friday, military official said Sunday.

The New People's Army (NPA) rebels reportedly used landmine and heavy fire but no one was wounded in the incident.

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Army's 25th Infantry Battalion commander Gilbert Saret said members of Charlie Company stationed at Sitio (sub-village) Depot, Barangay (village) Upper Ulip were cruising the Poblacion-Diwalwal Road when attacked by the rebels under the Front Committee 20 of the NPA.

He said seven soldiers on board the vehicle were unhurt as he credited the quick reaction of the military truck driver who sped out of harm's way.

The military vehicle sustained minor damage caused by landmine shrapnel and bullets from the perpetrators.

Saret said the rebels suffered big losses in the recent military operations and as desperation move chose to conduct more atrocities to soldiers.

"The steadfastness of the Fireball Troopers and their courage under fire, defeated the NPA's purpose of another human rights violation since the use of landmines are now banned internationally as ratified through the Ottawa Convention of 1986," Saret said. (BOT)