AOC launched in Cebu last Friday its new line of LED (light emitting diode) monitors with full HD (high definition) screens and eco-friendly technology.

“We promote the green concept of our new LED monitors because more people now do not only look at the quality of the product but also look into how these products affect the environment,” said Daniel Lagdameo, sales and business development manager of AOC Philippines.

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AOC’s new line of monitors ensures power-saving technology, easy-to-use controls and HD screens “with its 3 E’s technology- GrEen, Ergonomic, and Entertaining.”

Product feature

Tony Lee, product development manager of AOC Asia Pacific, said, “the 3Es promise our monitors to be energy-efficient, fancy, super slim and mercury-free.”

The three monitors, LUVIA, ECO 7 and MASKK are equipped with LED backlight technology, which reduces toxic waste production. Its automatic power-off timer lessens energy consumption, according to the company.

The company said 34 percent of their consumers follow Lohas (lifestyle of health and sustainability), which is the brand image of AOC.

“AOC has been moving forward to save the Earth and this is our way of promoting our green campaign by offering the green monitors,” said Elvi Suficiencia, executive vice president of MDR Microware Sales Inc., exclusive distributor of AOC in Visayas and Mindanao.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the ultra-slim LUVIA uses technology that detects the intensity of available light and then automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness.

ECO 7, on the other hand, has an infrared sensor that detects user presence in front of the monitor. It reduces brightness or automatically turns off to save more power.

MASKK, on the other hand, is suitable for Internet cafes and offers an optional glass screen that protects the LCD from dust and scratches.

According to the company, sales increased 14 person higher than their target for the first and second quarters of 2010.

With the surging popularity of notebook computers, AOC is confident more people would still want to use desktop computer sets.