DEPARMENT of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) regional office has recommended four major impact projects worth more than P1 billion to newly elected Iloilo Congressman Jerry Treñas.

The funding of the projects will be sourced from Treñas's priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or from the National Government, DPWH said.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

DPWH Regional Director Rolando M. Asis, who submitted the project listing to Treñas, said the projects are vital links to the existing major road systems that will complement the ongoing development initiatives, and hasten and upgrade vehicular traffic flow in Iloilo City.

Treñas said a congressman is given P70 million PDAF a year and he will be looking for other possible funding sources for these projects to materialize during his term on top of other priority city programs that need his attention.

The four high impact projects include the widening of road from Montinola Bridge in Jaro district to the municipality of Leganes, Iloilo from two to four lanes; replacement of Buntatala Bridge from two to four lanes; additional construction of two-lane Buhang Bridge; and the Iloilo circumferential road that costs about P1.02 billion.

The DPWH said the circumferential road will open up new lands for agriculture and other economic returns, and will hopefully increase the real property taxes of these lands.

DPWH is also asking from Treñas an additional P29.50 million to complete the construction of Ticud Bridge in La Paz district on top of the P50 million that was used to start the bridge construction.

Another road artery will be constructed from the Jalandoni Bridge passing Nabitasan in La Paz district, going to the diversion road, including one bridge project. About P173.60 million will be spent for this project, DPWH said. (LCP)