THE lawyer of the principal accused in the murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda dubbed the meeting of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima and the Barrameda family as "improper".

In a letter, Ferdinand Topacio, counsel for respondent Lope Jimenez, said that there are still pending motions for reconsideration filed by the Barrameda family.

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Topacio said the Barrameda family had “camped out” outside De Lima’s office to discuss the case.

“If this is true, then we must register our strong exception to what we perceive to be a very special treatment being given to the Barrameda," the lawyer said.

Jimenez, said to be the mastermind, was the owner Buena Suerte Jimenez Fishing and Trading Co. in Navotas where the body of Ruby Rose, encased in a cemented steel drum, had been recovered.

Following a closed door meeting last July 5, De Lima vowed to review the resolution clearing Jimenez as well as Ruby Rose’s estranged husband, Manuel Jimenez III, but maintaining the criminal liability of Manuel Jr., father-in-law of the victim.

Lope remained as one of the accused considering that the Malabon regional trial court has already assumed jurisdiction over the case when prosecutors filed the criminal Information bearing his name.

“We would also like to suggest vigorously but respectfully that such visits by the Barramedas to officials of the DOJ be henceforth strongly discouraged,” Topacio said.

The Barrameda family filed a partial motion for reconsideration assailing the exclusion of Lope in the case. On the other hand, Manuel III also filed a motion to reconsider the finding of a parricide case against him.

The resolution of these pleadings has been deferred by the DOJ in the Agra resolution dated June 29, 2010. Several motions have also been filed to reconsider the Malabon RTC ruling on the denial of the prosecution’s motion to use self-confessed hired killer Manuel Montero as state witness. (JCV/Sunnex)