SAYING the situation in Compostela town has brought "so much socio-political unrest,” the Cebu Provincial Board (PB) yesterday requested the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for an urgent resolution of the election case involving the municipal officials.

Their call was in the form of a resolution passed unanimously yesterday.

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It was sponsored by PB Member Thadeo Ouano, who said in a separate interview that Mayor-elect Joel Quiño should be allowed to sit as town mayor.

Former mayor Ritchie Wagas, who alleged that irregularities marred the

elections, asked the Comelec to suspend the proclamation of Quiño and his slate.

"As an elected official, Joel Quiño should take the post. Nganong kastigohon man nimo ang mga taga-Compostela? (Why punish the constituents of Compostela?) Basic services have been sacrificed," he told reporters.

Wagas lost in his reelection bid against Quiño.

"The high political tension resulting from the controversial Comelec resolution continues to result in the lack or failure on the part of the municipal government to provide the usual and fundamental basic services to the constituents, not to mention the threat to the peace and order of the local community," the two-page resolution said.

PB Member Agnes Magpale said she was also informed there was also a threat by the Cebu Electric Cooperative Inc. to cut off the town's power supply due to unpaid bills.

Ouano, in his resolution, added "the political scenario in the Municipality of Compostela cannot be left to the hands of luck or fate but must be addressed with a more drastic solution.”

He said the Comelec, which is vested with the primary responsibility of settling election disputes, must “expeditiously and judiciously” address the matter.

PB Member Jude Thaddeus Sybico said three barangay captains visited his office yesterday and complained the delivery of basic services has suffered after Department of Interior and Local Government 7 Director Pedro Noval assumed as mayor-caretaker of Compostela.