CEBU Vice Gov. Gregorio Sanchez Jr. challenged Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia to file a case against him instead of investigating road projects in Tuburan.

He added Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia may file a case against him before “the Supreme Court, Ombudsman or even in the United States of America.”

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"Liquidation, liquidation. Ngano dili na man lang sila diretso didto?

(Why don't they file a case immediately?)," the vice governor added.

This was in reaction to Garcia’s order for a probe on the complaints of some barangay captains that they were required to liquidate bags of cement the Capitol distributed throughout the province even though they didn’t receive any.

Sanchez said the investigation is meant to "pressure the barangay captains" and "extract" from them some information against him.

Garcia, in a press conference yesterday, said Sanchez is confused on his role as a government official.

She said the Local Government Code states the governor “shall exercise

general supervision over all programs, projects, services and activities in the province.”

She said it is her duty to “control everything” as stated in the law.

“I determine the guidelines. I make programs. I’m the one who sets directions, not anybody else. Maybe he is reading the wrong page,” Garcia said of Sanchez.

She said the duties, functions and powers of the vice governor as stated

in Rule 16, Article 89 of the Code is to be the “presiding officer of the sang-guniang panlalawigan and sign all warrants drawn on the provincial treasury for all expenditures appropriated for the operation of the sangguniang panlala-wigan.”

“How can you serve if you don’t know what your functions are?” Garcia


The governor said she will pursue the investigation on projects funded by Legislative Assistance Funds assigned to San-chez.

They will also look closely into the fuel consumption of “free


She will also investigate the contracting of the services of Zugbu Band, which is said to have performed at socio-cultural events where Sanchez distributed financial assistance.

But Sanchez said Garcia is an “expert in twisting facts.”

Sanchez questioned Garcia’s allegedly overpriced road project, citing the road opening in Alegria and Cabangkalan.

He alleged Capitol budgeted P10 million for a 14-kilometer road opening, estimated to cost P714,000 per kilometer, while his road opening only cost P2.7 million for a 4.7-kilometer road.

Sanchez also presented a project proposal in July 2008, which was signed by the governor, which stated the Zugbu band would cater to the needs of the different local governments in the province, especially in their socio-cultural activities.