BACOLOD Police Stations 2 and 4 currently posted the highest numbers of crime incidents recorded among the city's police stations, said Police Officer-In-Charge Celestino Guara on Monday.

He said Police Stations 2 and 4 had recorded high numbers of pity crimes with less apprehension of suspects.

In order to improve the peace and order in Bacolod City, Guara held its command conference Monday at the Bacolod City Police Office. It was attended by several police station chiefs in the city to shed light on the rampant crime incidents.

Guara told police officers in the city to be more visible to solve the crime incidents on their respective area of responsibilities.

He said the police officers should exert more efforts to supervise their respective areas, especially in the crime-prone, to apprehend the suspects, especially those who riding tandem in a motorcycle.

Guara questioned his personnel of their failure to apprehend suspects, who he believed are not from Bacolod City.

He also said that the anti-robbery task force of the city is now functioning in several areas.

He noted that the crime incidents in Bacolod are much lesser compared to Iloilo City, citing that from January to June 2010, Bacolod had recorded almost 2,000 total crime volume.

Guara said the city police office now has 525 police personnel. (MAP)