SINCE the synchronization of traffic lights placed along intersections in the central business district may take a few more weeks to become fully operational, policemen have to man traffic manually.

Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) traffic management branch Chief Engelbert Soriano said without the operational traffic lights, traffic would still have to rely on policemen manually directing the flow of traffic.

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“As of now we have to manually inspect bottleneck areas from congestion and continue monitoring violators mostly public utility vehicles loading and unloading passengers just about anywhere,” he said.

Soriano stressed another problem the traffic chief observed are jaywalkers.

Aside from traffic, as part of the agency’s support to the city’s anti-littering ordinance, Soriano said they will conduct anti-littering drives starting next week.

“Jeepneys without waste receptacles will be reminded by our teams to obtain one because this will help clean up our streets from passengers throwing trash by the window of their vehicles,” he added.

Last week, BCPO officer-in-charge Roberto Soriano also implemented the anti-smoking order to all on-duty policemen, especially those who are inside the premises of the BCPO. (JM Agreda)