CITY OF SAN FERNANDO— Vice Governor Joseller Guiao on Monday said the Provincial Board should enact a comprehensive provincial health act which shall encompass all the health requirements and needs of Kapampangans.

Just before the regular session ended, Guiao ordered that a working committee be formed in next week's session of the august body to study the drafting of the said comprehensive act to include all legislative health needs, policies on all aspects of hospital procedures, including fees and other health requirements, both curative and preventive.

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The vice governor said that the act is in line with Governor Lilia Pineda's desire "to ensure the provision and delivery of much needed health services” to the Kapampangans.

Guiao said that the proposed ordinance of First District Board Member Crisostomo Garbo, which pertains to hospital policies and procedures and proposed adoption of updated hospital fees may be considered for inclusion in the said provincial health act.

Garbo said that his proposal was a consolidated effort of district and regional hospitals and others concerned with said health services.

The board member said that at present hospitals in the province are lagging behind other hospitals in various areas, especially in terms of services and facilities.

Board Member Tarcicio Halili, meanwhile, said that rehabilitation of government hospitals in the province should take precedence over the increase of hospital fees.

With this, Guiao said that all these and other pertinent issues shall be discussed by the working committee that will be formed next week. (Press Release)