THE story of Dr. Ricardo Urbina and Mrs. Julita Urbina began in far-away Laguna 50 years ago when they were young and impulsive, and very much in love. Just as in any marriage, trials and challenges came their way but through hard work and determination, Carding and Lita hurdled them all. Yes, theirs is a success story. They are proud parents of five accomplished children and grandparents of young music talents. They also own the Laguna Cafe chain of restaurants.

FAMILY PHOTO. Carding and Lita Urbina seated with son John Paul and daughter Guia. In the foreground are grandchildren Edric Glen Absin, Ricardo Antonio Urbina, Enrico Julian Absin, Kelly Juno Viado and Dennis Wilfred Canoy. Standing from left are Gilda U. Viado, Dr. Frankel Viado, Krisha Jill Viado, Katrina Joy Viado, Patricia Marie Canoy, Juliene Marie Canoy, Dr. Greta Canoy, Col. Dennis Canoy, Ian Dennis Canoy, Cecil Urbina, Roque Ricardo Urbina, Grace Absin, Edman Absin, Julie Marie Urbina, Julia Celine Absin and Regina Clare Urbina.

On their 50th wedding anniversary, their grateful children saw to it that they had a fitting celebration: a renewal of vows at the Pedro Calungsod Shrine at the Archbishop’s Palace compound, followed by an excellent dinner reception at the family-owned Laguna Garden Cafe at the Terraces of Ayala Center. The setting was breathtakingly beautiful with shimmering crystal pieces hanging from golden twigs as table centerpieces. And the dinner spread?

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It was something really special as only a family in the food business can come up with.

The evening was a trip down memory lane as music from the 50s and 60s were played particularly the couple’s theme song, A Summer Place.

A video presentation also detailed the happenings in the life of the young Carding and Lita.

For entertainment the grandchildren took centerstage with song and dance numbers.

Happy, happy faces during the golden affair were the Urbina siblings and their families: Jill and Kelly Viado with their Katrina Jay, Kelly Juno and Krisha Jill; Jet and Dennis Canoy with Julienne Marie, Ian Denis, Patricia Marie and Denis Wilfrid; US-based Guia; Grace and Edman Absin with Julia Celine, Edric Glen and Enrico Julian; Raki and Cecil with Regina Clare, Ricardo Antonio, Julie Marie, Roque Jose Miguel; and the youngest of the Urbina brood, John Paul.

It was a glorious celebration of 50 years of love and commitment.