TALISAY Vice Mayor Alan Bucao called for unity in his speech during the inaugural session of the city council yesterday.

However, an internal conflict in the council is looming, after a majority bloc member was deprived of getting a committee chairmanship.

While the seven administration legislators were tasked to head two committees each, neophyte Councilor Val Ylanan got none.

In a meeting over the weekend, Ylanan reportedly pleaded with his allies to let him head a committee, but they refused to budge.

Reporters learned that Ylanan’s colleagues have not yet gotten over the election issue that he allegedly resorted to special

operations that made him land in the third spot.

The novice legislator was also blamed for the defeat of two administration bets-–Aaron Capala and Association of Barangay Councils President Osmundo Manreal Jr.

After a two-hour program, yesterday’s session took only less than 10 minutes after the City Council approved a single measure that laid down the SP’s new house rules.

“Let us be one and united towards a transformed and progressive Talisay,” Bucao said in his inaugural speech.

Rep. Eduardo Gullas (Cebu, 1st district) reminded the legislators to prioritize the needs of Talisaynons in passing legislative measures.

He said opposition councilors-–lawyer Romeo Villarante and businessman Danny Caballero-–should also be given a chance to air their views during deliberations in the session.

Gullas said leadership cannot be claimed but is earned, depending the council members’ performance in the next three years.

Mayor Socrates Fernandez, in his speech, said his legislative agenda includes basic services, livelihood and education. He also assured there will be no increase in taxes.

Meanwhile, Bucao called on the Talisaynons to change that attitude of being too dependent on government and be resourceful instead.

“We should be catalysts for change,” he added.

Meanwhile, the administration councilors reportedly blamed Ylanan for the victory of opposition allies Villarante and


In an interview, Villarante sympathized with Ylanan, saying it was unfair for an administration councilor to be treated that way.

“I invited him to be with us, so at least we will be three in our group,” he said.

The administration bloc requested Villarante and Caballero to be the vice chairpersons of the committees on laws and agriculture, respectively.

The SP’s house rules state only a committee chairman can sponsor a resolution even if it is originally crafted by the vice chairman.

Thus, a councilor who does not head any committee must request the committee chairman to sponsor his or her measure during sessions.

“Where’s the unity that they are talking about, when in fact in the city council they’re not even practicing it?” an Ylanan

sympathizer told reporters. (GC)