A MOTHER’S instinct could have saved a runner’s life.

Venancia Landero expressed sorrow over what happened to her son Alexander Landero Jr., a participant in a running competition in Mandaue City last Saturday evening who died after he jumped off from the Mandaue City District Hospital’s window.

According to the police investigation, Alexander collapsed on the route so he was brought to the hospital.

When he was about to be brought inside by the hospital staff, he suddenly stood up and ran inside the hospital.

He ran past the emergency room and rammed the glass door of the delivery room, where he got a cut in the left arm. He then proceeded to the adjacent recovery room where he took the table of the suction machine, climbed on it and jumped out of the window.

Venancia said she tried to talk him out of joining the running competition at 3 p.m. last Saturday, before he went out to prepare for the race, because she did not feel good about it.

She was also concerned about her son’s health because he was already very lean.

“Grabe na kaniwang,” Venancia said of her son.

But Alexander insisted on joining the competition because he wanted to win the prize.

Alexander was a second year Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in automotive mechanics student.

He was planning to pursue his dream of becoming a seaman after he finished his two-year course.

Last Thursday, Alexander was accepted in his school’s varsity running team.

He told his mother they could save money intended for his tuition. “Kugihan gyud kayo nang bataa. Nag-laum gyud ko nga makahuman na siya kay para makatabang sa among kalisud (He was very hardworking. He wanted to finish school to help us financially),” Venancia said.

Alexander’s relatives Wendel Manto and Leo Piñero said he was determined to win the competition.

He woke up as early as 4 a.m. to train.

He joined the Danao City Runners Club two months ago.

“He was a very funny guy but during the past few weeks before he died, we always saw him lonely. It seemed like it was a sign,” Manto said.

According to the medical findings of Dr. Edwin Menguito, Alexander’s actions may have been caused by the lack of oxygen or sugar in his body as a result of excessive physical activity.

File a case

On the day of the race, Alexander jogged at 4 a.m.

He took a nap for a couple of hours and had noodles for dinner.

Venancia is planning to file a case against the hospital’s management which, she said, did not take good care of her son.

“Abi kay wala’y tagtungod pasagdan lang (Since no one accompanied him, they just neglected him),” Venancia said.

She said they could have brought him to a private hospital if they received a call from the hospital but it was too late when

they were informed of what happened. Venancia claimed she received the information at 2 a.m.

Alexander reportedly went amok at 11:26 p.m. or almost an hour after he was brought to the hospital by paramedics.

Venancia is going to ask for help from Danao City Mayor Ramon Durano Jr.(RRF)