BACOLOD City Police Officer-in-Charge Celestino Guara denied Tuesday any involvement in jai alai operation in Bacolod City after text messages tagging him in the illegal numbers game circulated.

Guara challenged those who have circulated the text messages to surface and present evidence to prove their claims against him.

Since last week, text messages are circulating in different media entities that Guara allegedly met with a suspected personality and was asked to be a maintainer of jai alai.

The text messages also claimed that the jai alai operations continue to spread in Bacolod City because Guara is the protector of the operators.

But Guara on Tuesday admitted that he talk with the said personality during one of the affairs they attended before the election, but they did not talk about the jai alai operation.

He said he also received the same text message, but clarified that he is not at all involved in the operation of jai alai.

Guara said some people only put malice when he and the personality suspected to be a maintainer of the illegal numbers game were seen together in several affairs.

"Those who are involved in jai alai operations might just be behind the circulation of these text messages against me, so they could get even as the Bacolod City Police has launched an intensive drive against the illegal numbers game," he said.

He added that he is not affected by the issue, as he was also tagged as a protector of the illegal drug trade before.

Guara assured that any member of the local police who will be found to be involved in the jai alai operation would face sanction. (MAP)