THE new set of elected legislators in the City immediately got down to business during the 2nd regular session of the City Council last Monday. While the proposed internal rules of procedures that will govern their actions in the council may not have yet been finalized, the council members thru the resolute guidance of its presiding officer and Vice Mayor Daniel T. Farinas saw no reason to delay discussion and deliberation of pressing matters brought to their attention.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Among those given priority discussion and consideration is the request from the University of the Cordilleras (UC) through Architect Robert Romero for the final presentation of the Burnham Park Master Development Plan by the UC design team. To recall, the UC through Arch. Romero as the Project Head of the Burnham Park Master Development Plan Design Team, was tasked to come out with a master and comprehensive development plan for the whole of Burnham Park, with emphasis heavily placed on maintaining and preserving the fragile environment of the said park. As expected Arch. Romero and his design team accomplished the blueprint for a grand design of the said park in record time and was able to present the plan twice to city officials before the final presentation made to the august body.

Having said that and a witness to the final presentation, the city government has made the right decision to finally address the long festering dilemma on what to do with Burnham Park.

The master development plan was readily accepted by the council and the appropriate resolution expressing the city's gratitude for such a well made plan has been duly accepted. What remains now is for the city to locate suitable investors willing to undertake the major project and complying with all the conditions set forth in the development plan. It might be opined that it might be too soon for the city to crow success on the grand vision for Burnham park considering the enormity of the task ahead but, I would also hazard to say that for once the local City Government seems resolute and bent on solving the problem posed by the status of the said park. Given the clear direction laid down by our city officials and their determination to stand fast on their commitment to the city we might yet see a Burnham Park that we can be proud of once again.

On another important matter, the City Council approved on second reading and for publication the all important proposed ordinance that provides for the rules on receiving, docketing, assignment and raffling of barangay administration cases.

It is to be remembered that administrative cases filed against barangay officials are within the ambit of the City Council as provided for under R.A. 7160 and the responsibility of resolving such disputes falls upon the august body. It is of course imperative for the City Council to establish rules to facilitate the processing of such administrative cases and so we expect, given the eagerness and dedication of the council members to dispense public service, for the early and quick passage of the said ordinance. This will certainly redound to the benefit of both parties to an administrative case seeking an early resolution to their dispute.

On a similar vein, the City Council also approved the members and chairpersons to the three divisions created to handle and supervise the deliberations of the said administrative cases. For Division I the chairmanship has been delegated to City Councilor Perlita Chan Rondez while Division II will be handled by Vice Mayor Daniel T. Farinas and Division III shall be headed by City Councilor Philian Louise Weygan.

Finally, the new members of the City Council seem to have gelled well with their colleagues and seem to find no difficulty whatsoever interjecting their own opinions and ideas on matters being deliberated during their session.