A 30-YEAR-OLD man was shot and killed in Zamboanga City after his neighbor has mistaken him as "manananggal" (winged-creature that can separate torso from lower body), the police reported.

The Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) said that the incident took place around 1:10 a.m. Wednesday in Sitio Hapa, Salaan village, 15 kilometers east of this city.

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The ZCPO identified the victim as Angelo Quijano, 30, who was shot and killed with a shotgun by his neighbor, Rodel Tayco.

Hours before the incident, Quijano and Tayco had a drinking session together with their friends at the residence of Isaias Guzman in Sitio Hapa. After the merry making, all of them went home, the police said.

Upon reaching home, Quijano heard Tayco, who was his neighbor, shouting at someone which the latter told the former was a manananggal.

Manananggal resembles a Western vampire, a human-devouring monster or a witch. It is commonly described as an older and beautiful woman, who can divide its body and flies at night with its huge bat-like wings to prey on pregnant women.

Tayco went home and armed himself with a shotgun, he returned near Quijano's house.

The police said that Tayco, due to his drunkenness, got irked and ordered Quijano to come out of the house after "the suspect allegedly misinterpreted a shout coming from a different person."

Quijano heeded Tayco's order but was shot when he was approaching and almost near Tayco, the police said.

Quijano died on the spot while Tayco went into hiding and is the subject of the manhunt launched by the ZCPO's Police Station 4. (Bong Garcia)