COLT 45 beer brand reinvents itself as the strongest beer in the market with a new silver logo of Colt 45 to represents the change.

This, according to Colt 45 senior brand manager Joseph Ryan Consul, during a press conference held July 10 at the Taste of Malaysia Restaurant in Lanang, Davao City for the launching of Colt 45 promo dubbed "Vava Vroom."

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"It's about knowing what real men want, owning a car and having an opportunity to date a hot girl," Consul said.

Consul said the promo is a marketing strategy to make a name for itself and help boost sales.

"Colt 45 Vava Vroom" promo runs from May 1 to September 15 with a raffle draw on September 30.

The promo includes having a chance to date Cristine Reyes in an all-expense paid trip to Boracay and win a Colt 45 "tough truck" 2010 Ford Ranger that is tougly modified to face the challenges of the road.

"Fly with Christine Reyes but not to stay in the same room," Consul humorously said clarifying to the media the limitations of the said date.

Once the winner had been picked, the lucky guy will fly with Reyes on a Friday and will share a dinner date with her. All meals on Saturday and Sunday's breakfast will be shared with the actress as well.

The promo mechanics to qualify for the promo is to collect 10 crowns of Colt 45, write the name, address and contact details on a piece of paper, seal in an envelop, and drop it in any 2GO outlets nationwide.

He added that they may not be the popular beer in the market but they are the strongest beer in the market with 7.2% alcohol content. Colt 45 noted a tremendous growth since Cristine Reyes became their endorser.

The local media was treated to a free taste of Colt 45, Colt 45 goodies, and a free VIP pass to a concert after the press conference.

The concert was held at Damosa Car Park in Lanang, where Colt 45 showcased some of Manila-based bands like Sandwich and Hilera with the participation of a Davao-based Hightimes band.

Consul said, "May beer na babagay sa gusto nilang tama (there is a beer that fits the taste for a real hit. Colt 45, with 7.2% alcohol content, is the strong beer for real men."