THE newly elected city mayor of Davao City is considering a declaration of a state of calamity if the number of dengue cases continues to rise.

Based on the report of the City Health Office, there are a total of 1,842 dengue cases with 23 deaths during the first half of the year, considerable 10 percent increase from last year's figures.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Mayor Sara Duterte has tapped the barangay officials to disseminate to its constituents the preventive measures against dengue. She urges a more aggressive campaign to prevent the increase of cases and deaths due to dengue.

Dengue is a disease easily spread due to lack of proper sanitation, hygiene and improper garbage management.

Bringing down the problem to the purok or barangay level is not only logical but one of the most practical ways of preventing the spread of the disease.

Cleanliness that starts at every household is the key to drive away those breeding places of mosquitoes. With proper and constant cleaning and tidying, dengue can be prevented. A clean community spells clean environment and this is one task that barangay officials should accomplish.

As in most cases, diseases are not only spread due to lack of information but also due to lack of mandate from the officials concerned. Now this marching orders are clear and crisp.

Let us hope that the barangay officials could live up to what is expected of them pronto. As they say, "it's your time to shine, boys."