MAYOR Mike Rama “gags” department heads.

He can’t expect them not to talk behind his back.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency


Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez urges governor to file case on road projects.

He won’t put any roadblocks but he’ll expect them to have a stiff climb.


Cebu City Council supports proposed “Magna Carta for the Poor.”

If only those rich words in the law bring wealth to the poor.


One in five families in Central Visayas lack sanitary toilets.

This is a problem that can’t be swept under the carpet.


Forest guards asked to conduct regular patrol in mountain barangays.

There are worse dangers than wild beasts.


President Noynoy Aquino offers five posts to Vice President Jejomar Binay.

He doesn’t need any of those for he is aware that he is just a heartbeat away from the presidency.


Palace defends creation of communications group.

If it fails to effectively communicate the reason for its being, just forego with it.


Aquino pushes for weather system upgrade.

He should get politicians who have experience in “weather-weather” affiliations.


Angat water level continues to drop.

Will its administrators measure up to the challenge?


Department of Education chief: Sex education not a priority.

Who knows what will happen if you give a home assignment to students?