MAY pera sa basura at sa ibang lugar, may mga natatagpuang pera at iba pang kagamitan sa basura.

Yes, as far as the legitimate dealers of scrap are concerned, but not so with incidental sellers like the officials of CIAC (Clark International Airport Corporation) who reportedly gave away millions of pesos worth of still usable materials from demolished structures from the airport complex.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Some individuals became millionaire's overnight, thanks kuno to the magnanimous gesture of incumbent President Jose Victor "Chichos" Luciano. The intended beneficiaries, through a middle person (a woman by the name of Josie Gomez), reportedly received a pittance. Where did the bulk of the proceeds go? Until now, nobody in CIAC can categorically answer. No one, yes, except perhaps Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo, newly-elected president of Pampanga Mayors League, who has a double-edged axe to grind against Chichos and his cohorts.

There are other more pressing concerns at CIAC, and by extension, at the DMIA which now prides itself as an alternate base for diverted flights from NAIA. What if no flights are diverted to it? Would it remain dormant, sleepy and inactive? Cannot authorities attract more regular flights, domestic and overseas, to make it more vibrant, busy and productive as in the US-occupied era?

For now, let the scrap issue be scrapped and reported smuggling of airplane equipment stopped. OK ba, Mr. Chichos? and chairman Deng?

By the way, if there is one fellow who can adequately fill in the shoes of outgoing CDC and CIAC top officials; it is Atty. Eddie J. Rivera, a prominent law practitioner from Mabalacat. Ed, my first cousin, has distinguished himself in the legal profession and continues to shine in this area. He is a regimented visionary and a hard worker at that. Fine choice, if you ask me and his nephew Atty. Jojo Rivera.

Few may know that Atty. Eddie is a staunch Liberal party man and has been so for decades now. Almost 62 years old, as he was born on July 26, 1948 (sorry for the disclosure, Ed insan), he is still physically active and mentally alert as anybody in his age group and can handle very sensitive matters like clock work.


Unacceptable. No less than President Noynoy has said that the work of Pagasa is unacceptable as it blunders consistently in its assigned tasks, blaming the decrepit equipment as the culprit for its boo-boos. See? I once wrote about the kapalpakan of Pagasa (may pagasa pa ba ito?) regarding its weather forecasts such that when it announces it would rain, it does not. When it issues bulletins that we would have fair weather, bagsak ang malakas na ulan at rumaragasang hangin. I've read the top forecasters have moved out of the country for the proverbial greener pastures.

It's good that President Noynoy has noticed the ineptness of Pagasa and plans to upgrade its equipment and overhaul its rank-and-file.

There would be more than ten more weather disturbances predicted to come into Philippine shores. We have to prepare adequately for these so that we will not be caught with our pants down.