TEAM Fedco 2 had 1,190 pinfalls after two games to grab the early lead after the opening round of the Mayor Inday Sara and Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Handog Pasasalamat Open Bowling Tournament at the Fairlanes Bowling Center Thursday night.

Homer hit 1,189 pinfalls to occupy the second spot while D' Adventurers 1 is at third with 1,166 in the meet organized by the Sunday Bowlers Club.

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The D' Adventurers 2 is at fourth with 1,155 followed by Diagold 1 (1,154) fifth, Play Makers (1,148) sixth, Diagold 2 (1,145) seventh, Fedco 1 (1,141) eighth, Bravorm (1,122) ninth and Mars Bowlers (1,095) 10th.

Trailing behind were D' Bamboo (1,094), MDC Trading (1,092), Pinoy Bros (1,090), Fairlanes (1,086), CD Law (1,054) and Maxcey's Veranda (1,017).

Fedco 2 is expected to keep its advantage when games will resume on Tuesday night. The team is composed of Paul Tengosia, Rene Dalayon, Mads Lauro, Nonoy Lacuesta and Jimmy Sia.

Team Homer will rely on the services the Amsirabe clan -- Sky, Muktan, Aksan and Nash, along with Jong-Jong Benedicto.

The D' Adventurers 1 is bannered by Dodong Birondo, Senen Maligang, Tata Gorgonio, Joe Torres and Mel Bojo while sister team D' Adventurers 2 will lean on husband-and-wife tandem Nonoy and Che-Che Calida along with Vic Pusod, Che-Che Calida, Ping Efondo and Boy Detuya.

Over P25,000 total cash prize is at stake in the bowlfest where the top four teams after eliminations will advance to the step-the-ladder championship round. (MLSA)