STRONG women have always been redefined and reinvented, from powerful matriarchs to modern career-driven damsels.

But through these numerous changes remain the fundamental roles of the fairer sex: nurturer, protector, and a muse of inspiration for her loved ones.

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"It takes a lot of effort to fulfill every responsibility of today's women. And so we have to ask ourselves: are we healthy and prepared enough to continue playing our part?" Sun Life Financial, Philippines marketing services head, Mylene Lopa, said.

Good health has always been a priority for Filipino families, and the rising incidence of fatal female diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis had made many women anxious and worried about these risks. This indicates a need for insurance products specifically tailored for women.

More than the traditional damsel-in-distress, these diseases reveal the hazards that put women's well being at risk. Considering that ladies outlive gentlemen by an average of five years, every woman deserves a sanctuary from life-threatening conditions.

Lopa cites the Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus policies of Sun Life Financial Philippines (SLFP) as the preferred health protection plan for women. It cushions the financial impact of common female-specific illnesses and surgeries.

Also, up to five free diagnostic or preventive procedures can be availed for the first ten years of coverage. Currently, inclusive procedures are CA 125 (ovarian cancer tumor marker), pap smear, mammography as well as pelvic and breast ultrasound.

Affordable maiden protection

"For barely P700 per month, we can be more secure about our health. At last, we have something to look after every mother, daughter, and sister who in turn provides love and care to people around them," said Lopa.

Moreover, every Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus can be customized to include add-on benefits like a critical illness benefit, an accident benefit or a waiver of payment upon disability. Ideal for women 18 to 55 years old, SLFP's unique offering also has life insurance coverage to guarantee security against the unforeseen.

Truly, the gender that knows no bounds requires a partner that can safeguard her from the perils of her many duties. Because behind every strong woman is a reliable health protection sanctuary.