I AM running this form of article once again on some significant events that had taken place this week. They are all worth some comments.

Governor's response. In an effort to address one of the perennial concerns of businessmen -- flooding -- Governor Lilia Pineda had made sure that the current intervention of the government is made known.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The presentation made by the DPWH before the officers and members of Pamcham two days ago is actually the response of Nanay Baby as well as that of Pampanga second district Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (it feels awkward to address her that way now as I am used to calling her as President).

If readers could recall, Pamcham raised their concern on flooding as one of deterrents to total progress in Pampanga when they had as guest Governor Pineda few days before her assumption to office.

And few days too after that, Rep. Arroyo (who was still then President) and Nanay Baby presented before members of the local the details of Pinatubo Hazard Mitigation Project (PHUMP). The multibillion peso project has an anti-flooding project that is also aligned with Mayor Oscar Rodriguez’s Sagip Ilog project.

That night, I remember seeing Nanay Baby to be so excited about having the project being presented at the soonest possible time before Pamcham. The rest was history (or should that be NOT history as it did not take long for governor to have arranged for the presentation).

Again, it’s her way of making it known that her administration is serious in addressing the many concerns of our Cabalens.

Respect mayor. I see a glimmer of hope and silver lining in the woes of Angeles City Mayor Edgardo "Edpam" Pamintuan.

For one, he is earning that respect now even from people who were identified with former Mayor Blueboy Nepomuceno. That gesture to return the donated vehicles to the city by some barangay captains and heads of offices should be deemed as recognition of leadership of Edpam.

It doesn’t mean though that Edpam should be feared. Not that.

It means recognizing what the good mayor could do for the city given the support he could muster. It means being serious in pushing the city to new heights.

Relatedly, the meeting between his Agyu Tamu and Mayor Oscar Rodriguez’s Magsilbi Tamu manifests concrete steps toward pulling Angeles out of the mire.

Angeles City’s coffers is on the red by as much as P800 million. And part of the solution to that problem is learning from the experiences of Mayor Rodriguez who also was left without money in the treasury when he first assumed the mayorship in 2004.

Angeles is on its way back out of the doldrums but it will take more than Edpam’s leadership to keep the house in order. It also needs understanding and patience from each and every Angeleno.

More on Mr. Laus. Quite honestly (and vividly too), I don’t recall the details of discussions that took place between our group -- the Society of Pampanga Columnists -- and Mr. Levy Laus, chair of Laus Group of companies while I was writing my article about the revered businessman in Central Luzon.

What do I mean? When I was writing that piece about him that came out last week, all that I could recall were his efforts to help save thousands of jobs in Clark. Sure, we did talk about a lot of things in that SPC meeting but his stint in CDC was not part of them.

All that kept registering in my mind were the highlights of his accomplishments in Clark as President and CEO of Clark Development Corp. And to re-write them once again is not being a suck-up to him but just giving honor where it is due.

You see, his presidency in CDC was marked by a gloomy period where the fate of tens of thousands of workers hung in the balance because of a previously flawed law on Clark (tax incentives). And that was resolved by the passage of a new law which gave rise to Clark Freeport, which, for the record was pushed in Congress with no let-up by Mr. Laus.

Should that go unnoticed? On the contrary, it still rings a bell to me.

Corporate citizenship. Clark Development Corporation and the Kapampangan Development Foundation have a new partner in their outreach to persons with disabilities (PWD) in Smart Communications.

Yes, the country’s largest wireless communications provider has joined hands with the two entities in the effort to reach out to amputees who could be given artificial limbs at the prosthetics lab put up at the Clark Polytechnic by CDC, KDF and civic organizations like Rotary and Lions Clubs.

SMART’s program called Ascent (Amputee Screening via Cellphone Networking) will enable accredited health workers and doctors to deliver better service to amputees during medical missions in rural areas.

Ascent was developed in support of the Physicians for Peace-Philippines and CDC-KDF's Walking Free, which allows indigents to avail more affordable prosthesis, or artificial limbs, fabricated by UP-PGH Prosthesis and Orthosis Service, and Clark Polytechnic Prosthesis Laboratory and Training Facility.

Ascent is expected to reduce an amputee's visit to and from doctors, who are usually located in urban hospitals, for consultation and prosthetic fitting.

This could be made through visits to rural areas by health workers accredited by the Physicians for Peace who are provided with cellphones by SMART that have pre-loaded software that would record amputees’ conditions and medical background.

It’s making use of technological innovations to help the needy. Cool.

The country needs more partnerships like this one. Kudos.