LINGAYEN -- Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Calimlim Jr. denied reports he has suffered a stroke or heart attack, saying he is only undergoing "slip disk" that causes his backache.

Calimlim made the announcement during a press conference Friday after the first regular session of the Provincial Council.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

“This is basically a complicated case of painful back. I am having medication to manage the pain, but the number one prescription of my doctor is to have diet and lose weight. I don’t need to take a vacation as vice governor," he said.

"Ang bilin lang ng doctor, huwag lang masyadong pressure sa lower back, and discouraged me from long time standing or sitting,” he added.

“But he noted that he may not always at the upper floor of the Capitol Building where the office of the vice governor is located and instead hold a temporary office in a building nearby to ease pressure on my lower back,” he stated.

Calimlim also thanked the board members for the outpouring of support and for the “oneness and unification of the Provincial Council”. The provincial board has no minority group.

He cited that long before the start of the formal session, the board members have already thrown their full support to the administration of Espino.

The Speaker Pro-Tempore is Board Member Jeremy Agerico Rosario of the Fourth District. Floor Leader is Board Member Angel Baniqued of the Third District while the Assistant Floor Leader is Board Member Von Mark Mendoza of the Second District.

Last June 28, during the inauguration of newly-elected officials at the Sison Auditorium, the people noticed Calimlim in pain while standing, guarded by three persons at his sides and his back.

In his inaugural speech, Governor Amado Espino Jr. said the vice governor had a slip disk. (Liway C. Manantan-Yparraguirre)