THE Cebu Provincial Women’s Commission (PWC), guardian of women’s rights and their worth and dignity as human beings, wants Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes to investigate a “lingam” massage parlor in his city.

No, PWC head and Cebu Provincial Board Member Agnes Magpale said, the PWC is not against lingam per se, but on its implication and concurrent effect on women.

You see, lingam happens to be the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ.

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All this talk about lingam may heighten men’s interest in this special kind of massage.

According to PWC’s research, lingam is a “man’s massage that is done by massaging, pressing, rubbing or stroking a man’s pressure point and prostate gland through the rectal wall,” producing an array of sensations.

PB Member Magpale’s resolution said lingam, if administered by a woman to a man, “is sexually provocative and may put the woman in a compromising and demeaning situation.”

Here’s a solution-–allow only “self-service” lingam massage parlors.


Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama has lifted his no “gag order” on City Hall department heads, which would have had the effect of him becoming the sole spokesman of the City

Government as concurrent public information officer.

He earlier said there was no written order.

So it must be easy to lift an unwritten order.


Cebu City Councilor Ed Labella earlier said a gag order on department heads is


On the other hand, Rep. Tomas Osmeña, a former mayor, frowned on the gag order, raising the need for more transparency in the City Government so the public will know all about the affairs of the city.

That makes the public, he said, a part of the check and balance process.

Other officials are free to talk but they have to be responsible for what they say, like when someone said “dawat rag limpyo ang Kapitolyo.”