WITH the implementation of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 (Republic Act 9994), some business establishments reported to have increased their sales and customers.

One of these is Jollibee Velez branch.

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Star Pengzon, manager of Jollibee Velez branch, said after the law has been enacted, senior citizens dining at the store sometimes reached to a maximum of 50 per day.

"But even before the implementation of the new law, senior citizens dining at the store reached a minimum of 30 per day," Pengzon said.

This, she attributes to the operation of Veterans Bank just across the Jollibee store, which is usually swarmed with senior citizens during the release of their monthly pensions.

"While waiting, senior citizens prefer to dine at our store since we really make sure that they will be accommodated faster through our Fast Lane Counters while our staff assist them in getting their seats, making sure that they will not go to the second floor," Pengzon added.

At the Jollibee store, she said senior citizens can avail a maximum of 32 percent discount since they have excluded the mandated 12 percent value added tax plus the 20 percent newly enacted tax.

"Since the discount is quite big for the elders, our policy is to require them to show their senior citizen cards after they purchase their orders. And we require one senior per card only," Pengzon said.

As of the moment, she said they are doing the manual computing of discounts intended for the elders since they still have no cash registry to deduct directly the 32 percent discount.

"So we do the individual punching for the elders," she said.

Erlinda Moralde, 69, a resident of Valencia City, said she really prefers Jollibee Velez branch since they don't have to climb the stairs.

She also finds the store very convenient.

"I travel a lot so it is really an advantage for us senior citizens having that kind of privilege, especially on planes and buses," Moralde said.