IN THE panorama of a landscape, the garden would always be a source of beauty, delight, and comfort not only to nature and art lovers but also to locals who are proud of the attraction they have.

So when the members of the Administrative Council of our university, the TUPV, had our team building at Balay Kauswagan at Sagay City, we did not only pay a courtesy call to the congenial Mayor Leo Rafael M, Cueva but visited the Sagay Ladies Circle Garden which is just a little walk away for those who love the exercise) or a short tricycle ride for those who love to feel the wind on their faces.

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The early day visit spells fresh breeze, morning dew, and soft spots of sunlight. Moreover, there is less pollution with sparse motorcycles and vehicles on the road. People we met on the way were very accommodating and friendly, very glad to give directions.

Entrance to the garden is free. Cottages with benches dotted the eastern part. These cozy nooks are well-shaded by the thick foliages of trees endemic to the place--- tarapples, mangoes, and jackfruits. Concrete foot walks prevent the well-trimmed grasses from being stepped upon. The side hedges are neatly cut. Red -palm trees and other shrubs adorned the main areas. And a gazebo is the central structure of the place.

The western part of the garden is also an inviting sight for keeping formal, or even wacky poses. A trellis covered with flowering shrubs offer an inviting space for picture-taking and slow cat-walks for ladies who dream of the far-away and the long ago. Incurable romantics they are, so to say.

Another inviting sight is the "little Baguio" at the back of the gazebo.

Elevated, the snug mound has one concrete bench dwarfed with trees. Inviting and amorous the place became.

Restrooms are also available for the visitors' personal needs. For picnickers, a grilling or broiling area is also there. And for visitors to leave footprints and not trash, ample trashcans are also available.

We smelled the flowers, caressed the leaves, felt the breeze, and sensed he sunlight. Dreamers that we are, we had glazed eyes and shiny faces as we posed for photographs. When we had our fill, and seemed to be ready for breakfast, we trekked back to Balay Kauswagan, though the others took the waiting tricycle.

Our visit to Sagay City was not only a chance to bond together as members of one team working for the common goal, but to marvel to the place's greatest resources: people and nature.

The next time you visit Sagay City, try visiting the Ladies Circle Garden. The experience in the garden is really satisfying.

Dear readers, thank you for sharing your time with us. Here's to a more meaningful life ahead of us. We work to live a significant life, and not live to enslave ourselves to work. God bless.