BACOLOD Police Station 1 led by Police Chief Inspector Luisito Acebuche topped the Bacolod City Police Office 2nd Quarter Performance Evaluation with a total score of 803 points out of a possible 1,000 points perfect score.

Acebuche lauded the efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel assigned under Station 1.

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He said he is doubly happy for his station because, for the second time, Station 1 bagged the number one spot among all the police stations in the city.

Police Station 5 ranked second with a score of 802 points, just a mere point behind Police Station 1's 803 points. Police Station 6 ranked third with the score of 790 points.

The other rankings are: Police Station 9 - fourth; Police Station 7 - fifth; Police Station 4 - sixth; Police Station 10 - seventh; Police Station 3 - eighth; Police Station 2 - ninth; Police Station 8 - 10th and BCPSMC - 11th.

BCPO Public Information Officer PO2 Jared Esquilla said that the Bacolod Police Stations and BCPMS were rated according to their reports and accomplishments.

The results, which were tabulated by the operations branch, will be forwarded to the Regional Operations and Plans Division (ROPD) of Police Regional Office 6, he added.

Esquilla said that the Police Community Relations activities are the criterion, which has the highest point value with 157.

Operations, investigation and intelligence have the same point value of 156; human resource doctrine and development 105; logistics 94; personnel 92; and resource development 24. On plans, records and perception survey each has a 20-point value.

Acebuche's station bested other police stations, including the Bacolod City Public Safety Management Company (BCPSMC), in most categories.