WHAT are the pictures I have in my mind regarding the future of the Philippines?

First I have in mind is a picture of a disciplined youth. Youth who really know what their responsibilities are and who would do their obligations. This includes focusing on studies very well and giving extra attention to potentials and capabilities as the hope of the nation.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Our country needs youth who could differentiate the right from wrong, know by heart their limitations and are aware of the social and political issues in our country. Youth who are well-oriented with Filipino values and traditions and practice these things despite the modern evolution of our country.

Second picture is a Philippines with a higher quality of education. It's high time for Filipinos to excel in academics and be known internationally; Filipinos who are competent enough to prove their worth to first world countries that belittle their skills and knowledge.

I imagine a Philippines with a decreasing number of illiterates and less-educated citizens. A Philippines that produces countless professionals who will make our economy boom.

The third picture is good governance. Philippines needs leaders who are trustworthy. Leaders who treat their constituents fairly and give services wholeheartedly and who could maintain the peace and order for the whole nation. Philippines also demands leaders who could be role models to the youth.

Last picture I have is a productive nation. I want a Philippines that is abundant with well-preserved scenery. A Philippines with its citizens at work. A Philippines that is recognized in the world market because of its exceptional products.

I look forward to more Filipinos who patronize more "Sariling Atin" and "Tatak Pinoy" products.

I picture out Philippines in the future with disciplined youth, higher quality of education, good governance and productive nation with Filipinos working together to develop these pictures and make one big project: an enriched Philippines.