INSPIRING you and me as we step into the pathway of living is the noble journalism code.

Innovative, interactive and instant communications enhance our 21st century lifestyle. Journalism begins by gathering information on news breaking events around the globe; thence, assembling and synthesizing said data; ultimately, distributing the news to as many people as possible.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Uplifting the restless mind, emboldening the restive heart and enlightening the geist (German word for spirit), consequently, writing stands out as sacred calling.

Reporters, columnists, layout artists, editors, radio broadcasters, TV anchorpersons and other mass media practitioners influence news dissemination.

Zooming in on Asia where we live, work and thrive, the visual representation of the news affects our daily history.

"History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided," affirmed German statesman Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer who advocated for the upliftment of human dignity.

In the Philippines, the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University (ACFJ) was established in 2000 to strengthen the pillars of "pure" journalism. Since their inception, they have provided hundreds of Asian reporters and editors with education/training to create good journalism against all odds.

Presently, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. They sponsored the 5th Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism. Held last June 7-9, it focused on this theme "The Way Forward for Asian Journalists." Approximately 170 journalists, dignitaries and guests participated in the forum.

Energizing presentations on evolving media practices, presentation of a photo exhibit dubbed "Asian News in Pictures" and edifying talks from veteran journalists highlighted the event.

Stefan Friedrich, Phd, head of the Asia department Konrad Adenauer - Stiftung (KAS) stated this, "The ACFJ is already a brand name in Asian journalism education, which all of you can be proud of."

Philippine journalist Manuel L. Quezon III enunciated, "And as anyone in the media, particularly, print, will tell you, the audiences of tomorrow are already turning out today..."

ACFJ Executive Director Dr. Violet Valdez stated, "We look forward to the next ten years and anticipate much more innovation. Our vision is to provide cutting edge journalism."

Today, ACFJ personifies the German quotation of creating harmony in the midst of multi-varied cultures - "Andere lander, andere sitten" which means "Other countries, other customs."