CLUB 888 of the Marco Polo Hotel Davao was privileged to have Mary Grace V. Resnera of Wind and Wave Davao, the fast-growing sports-tourism business organization in Mindanao.

After serving as transition president of the resuscitated Davao Football Association which also had its humble beginnings and organizational talents from Iko Villano and the late Vic Sai, Dr. Bobot Pingoy organized the water sports business and went on to invest in eight other enterprises here.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

We had seen the determination of Pingoy to put new blood to the struggling football club by wearing on a hairstyle ala-Rigobert Song, the durable Indomitable Lion who started as Cameroon's youngest striker and held on to his attacking ways in the international scene as the oldest playmaker of the recent World Cup.

We also have some young South Korean guests in the sidelines and former councilor Leo Avila, who is now the new mayor's take-charge-guy in environmental agriculture as the guest speaker. The impressions at the back of my mind was our city's generous rainfall in the evening and the glorious sunshine in the morning and the durable saluyot just grows outside without anyone planting them and the kamungay can grow without a seed just the stalk but the healthy South Koreans eat greater amounts of vegetables and wear their skins soft-touch and they play more beautiful football.

In the bukid, one problem aside from dengue is not inter-cropping but the mix of crops and livestocks in a hectare or two of agri lands. The soil is rich, no problem with planting. What is important is still good-neighbor policy and tying of the carabao hard so that we will not end up wasting time at the desk of Barangay Captain Valeriano Abear and debating as to who have eaten the whole plant.

As far as football and gulay is concerned, it's not only Leo Avila who can answer that but also the next PSC chairman.

In the meantime, Netherlands, the team that we are rooting for in the fantastic, world-class, World Cup turns out to be the bad boys of inter-continental football.

"They played ugly and dirty."

The most telling blows or kick was Spain's Xabi Alonso down in the field and out into the bench after grimacing in pain following a direct, UFC-style frontal hit to the solar flexus by an Oranje defender.

These words, in reference to the athletic abilities and physical attributes of the team of Robin Van Persie, is terse and simple and they are authentic comments coming from a local coach, one of the privileged few to have been trained in the Deutshland of Miroslove Klose.

Many young footballers in the city love the team of Philip Lahm of Germany because of their strict adherence to the world-renowned FIFA theme of "Fair Play."

Carles Puyol, the defender that sent Spain to the finals against Netherlands had his own infraction in the pitch but Spanish fans including the referee have not seen it. Puyol's charge from behind resulting in a split seconds delay had effectively bothered the advance of Arjen Robben for a possible first goal just a few meters away from where Iker Casillas the goalkeeper stood on his ground in defense of Espaa.

In basketball, by the time this column gets to see print, one of the two perennial rivals in the local scene, Ateneo de Davao and the Holy Child School, shall have been declared the first champion in the Fil-Oil and Flying V Junior Basketball Championship.

Congratulations but don't cry Wesley.

Davao Beat: Accept the truth. - Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte