IN MEDIA parlance or lingo, cow or baka is the rich and regular source of money for regularly orbiting media practitioners whose ranks, however, consist of some misguided and illegitimate ones: no outlet in print or broadcast and thus they barely have a grasp of media tenets, practices and idiosyncrasies.

It is not so surprising to know and hear that President Benigno "P-Noy" Aquino is bent on having this previous administration's cash cow privatized, instead of being handled and managed by so-called protégés of whoever is in power.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

In privatizing Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or Pagcor, a rich and fat cow of presidents and anointed officials, the government stands to benefit not only on income generation but also from the removal of patronage politics which, sad to say, is too much embedded in our psyche and damaged culture.

And now P-Noy wants Pagcor to be shorn of political dominance and name-dropping stain. For quite a while now, it is of public knowledge and record that Pagcor has been the milking cow of politicians, their allies and even mistresses by way of drawings for overseas travels and other luxury.

P-Noy and his officials definitely know the workings at the state-run casino and gaming overseer. Now, he wants to curtail lavish spending and unbridled corruption in that facility. And rightfully so, as there are more deserving beneficiaries than the gluttons posing as public officials.

In another move toward attaining transparency and accountability, it was reported by Malacañang spokespersons that the much-abused President's Social Fund shall be transferred to the Presidential Management Staff, which shall henceforth be tasked to dispense the huge funds to, I hope, very deserving beneficiaries and for useful and official purposes only.

* * *

There is one noticeable act in Pampanga's brand-new governor. She fraternizes regularly with the province's town and city mayors. The latest freebie she reportedly showered on the gallivanting town executives were free plane tickets, pocket money and hotel accommodations in Hong Kong and Macau and the latest, Singapore. Mapag-aruga talaga si Nanay, sabi nga. This solicitous concern was bare or, the most, non-existent in the tenure of former governor Eddie T. Panlilio.

* * *

Cyber City Teleservices leads other call center firms in extending community service to people in localities near the Clark Freeport Zone. It offers training to motivated individuals, aged 18 and above, with emphasis on out-of-school youth who can be trained and with good attitude and even those who reached up to two years in college but due to some reasons, did not get their diplomas.

This helpful idea was hatched by top officials of Cyber City led by Amelita Leung, George Sorio and my good friend Alex Dy Reyes and is being implemented by Zsa Zsa, Rizza, and Lovely Theresa.

In the latter's talk with this writer last Friday, the three lovely ladies informed the former that there will be a qualifying session for applicants and those who will pass screening will begin training probably starting September 1 up to the 17th. The graduation rites will fall on my birthday this year, on September 21.

Of course, Mabalacat Mayor Marino "Boking" P. Morales is very supportive of this laudable project by, and, of Cyber City Teleservices, in coordination with Peso Mabalacat. There will be more training like Cosmetology at Barangay Sto. Rosario, another one at Mawaque and other courses to be conducted in Barangays Bundagul and Paralayunan. Who says PESO Mabalacat is sleeping on its job?

* * *

There are plenty of job opportunities now in Singapore as it announced it needs some 100,000 foreign workers in several years. For its part, Peso Mabalacat has sent out two domestic helpers to this prosperous island city last week and more, including nurses will be deployed soon.