CANON Marketing Philippines, Inc. is expecting continued sales growth throughout the year with the release of new models of cameras, copiers, printers and other specialized products.

Canon Philippines president and chief executive officer Alan Chng said in his visit to Cebu on Friday that about 50 new products will be introduced this year. The new products will fuel the projected sales growth, he said.

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He said the Philippine market is one of the fastest growing markets in Asia. In terms of camera sales, Canon is faring better than it has been for the past six years, he said.

Chng said the company’s growth in Cebu was 40 percent.

Canon corners half of the camera market in the Philippines.

Chng said the company hit double-digit growth in the first quarter this year.

Chng was in Cebu for the Computer Manufacturers and Distributors Association of the Philippines (Comddap) expo in SM Cebu City.

He said they are active in promoting their products in Cebu because of its huge potential.

“We are quite confident in Cebu because it has grown faster than the other cities. We see more opportunities here,” he said.