TEENS are now getting Type 2 Diabetes, a disease once mostly associated with adults, because of one's lifestyle, the Diabetes Philippines said.

Dr. Roy Ferrer, president of Diabetes Philippine-Davao said that children nowadays live sedentary lifestyles because they are encouraged to just stay home and play their gadgets.

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"Type 2 diabetes is more rampant in the urban areas than in the rural areas. Factors include computers and fast food," Ferrer added.

Ferrer also said that government must also emphasize the need for children to be taught preventive measures of diseases such as diabetes, apart from giving importance to having sex education in the curriculum.

"Diabetes is one of the top causes of death in Filipinos," Ferrer said.

Type 2 diabetics have an increased risk of developing coronary heart diseases and stroke. It is also the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. Complications sometimes lead to amputation of limbs, he added.

According Ferrer, people with a family history of diabetes, are not in their ideal weight, and are living a sedentary lifestyle are the ones at greatest risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes.

"If you are at risk, we encourage you to have your blood sugar checked right now. If you have elevated blood sugar, consult your doctor immediately. Do not take diabetes for granted," Ferrer said.

Diabetes Philippines launched "Stop Diabetes: Now na!" on Monday as part of the Diabetes Awareness Week. They have two booths in SM Entertainment Plaza where they give free blood sugar check-up as well as body mass index evaluation.

"Aside from that, preventive measures include maintaining your ideal body weight. Parents should avoid rewarding their children with unhealthy food and families should exercise regularly," Ferrer added. (MAL)