THE Philippine National Police (PNP) started its week-long Annual General Inspection- Operational Readiness Security Inspection Test and Evaluation (AGI- ORSITE) to police units in the city Monday.

The AGI-ORSITE was simultaneously conducted in different city and provincial police offices in Northern Mindanao and in the 10th Police Regional Mobile Group (PRMG) by team inspectors from the PNP Internal Affairs Service and representatives from different directorates of the PNP.

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Senior Superintendent Benedicto Lopez of the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo) said the annual inspection evaluates the administrative and operational aspects, including records management of Cocpo and the readiness effectiveness and capabilities of all uniformed and non-uniformed police personnel.

"The policemen are subjected to series of tests to measure their preparedness to respond to emergencies and their mastery of the basic knowledge on police mission, duties and functions," Lopez said.

Among the activities to be conducted by the inspection team include rank inspection, general knowledge of the uniformed personnel, and sniffing test, ORSITE scenarios and entrance briefing.

Entrance briefing would be held on July 22 at 8:00 a.m. at the Maharlika Headquarters in Barangay Carmen to be followed by a Rank and Office Inspection.

After the opening rites, the ORSITE was held with the following scenarios -- Civil Disturbance Management (CDM), Scene of Crime Operation

(Soco), bomb disposal test, earthquake drill, hostage negotiation, fire plan, and camp defense plan.

For the succeeding days, different scenarios would be demonstrated such as arrest-search and handcuffing techniques, communication test, response time, immediate action drill, close quarter battle, checkpoint scenarios, mobility test, and other related situations to assess the abilities, preparedness and efficiency of the police personnel.

To formally end the AGI-ORSITE, an exit briefing will be conducted on July 23, wherein the strong and weak points and the areas that need improvement would be noted by the inspecting team.

"It will be an overall assessment of the inspection conducted," Lopez said. (Annabelle L. Ricalde)