BACOLOD City residents who wish to avail of services of the Bacolod City Police Office for their police clearances, copies of police blotter entries, certificates and other police-related documents have to go to the City Treasurer's Office, pay the required fees, and then go back to the BCPO compound to get their police-related documents.

The inconvenience, discomfort and additional expenses of traveling to and fro has prompted Bacolod City Councilor El Cid M. Familiaran, chairman of the Committee on Police, Jail Management and Penology, to propose a resolution requesting the City Treasurer Annabelle C. Badajos through the Office of the City Mayor to assign collector/s in the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) to collect the required fees so that residents will be spared of the unnecessary burden.

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Familiaran said that a substantial number of people who have been securing those documents from the BCPO have been complaining about the distant offices between the Philippine National Police and the City Treasurer's Offices.

Per records, there is a monthly average of 4,000 to 5,000 people who secure police clearances and other documents from the BCPO. The average monthly revenue of the city from these transaction amount to P436,000.

In order to lessen such inconvenience and discomfort to our constituents and tax payers, it would be fitting and proper that a Collector/s will be assigned at the BCPO, Familiaran stressed.

This resolution will be tackled in the city council's next session on Wednesday.