DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte suggested the adoption of a law in Vietnam that regulates motorcycle-driving in line with her plans to improve the city's traffic enforcement.

Duterte said she has recommended to City Councilor Paolo Duterte the crafting of an ordinance that would require motorcycle drivers to wear reflectorized vests that displays the motorcycle's plate number among others.

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"On our problem on colorum motorcycles, since we cannot identify who are using their motorcycles for their own use or for transporting other passengers, I have recommended to Councilor Duterte to come up with an ordinance after studying the applicability here of a law in Vietnam wherein they control their motorcycles," Duterte said.

"If we could adopt it here in the city we could solve a lot of our problems regarding motorcycle use." Duterte said.

Duterte said the law on motorcycle use in Vietnam would require drivers to wear vests before they can use their motorcycles.

"All vests should be uniform. Their vest from left to right would have reflectors for them to be visible from afar," she added.

The motorcycle's plate number will also be written with reflectorized material on the back of the vest in a size that is visible to everyone.

"Riding a motorcycle without a vest will be prohibited," Duterte said.

(Easier regulation)

By doing this, regulating and monitoring motorcycle drivers will be easier.

"There are a lot of complaints against our motorcycle drivers from their fast and inconsiderate driving to the use of motorcycles in theft. With this I am hoping we can lower these incidents)," she said.

Duterte has also assigned Retired Colonel Desiderio Cloribel to the position of officer-in-charge of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) under the City Mayor's Office.

Duterte particularly emphasized that Cloribel should review and evaluate TMC personnel relative to their work performance. (Jade C. Zaldivar)