DAVAO City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday lashed at the performance of the police saying they should leave the city if they are not able to do their duties.

During Tuesday's Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa episode, Duterte expressed his displeasure with the performance of the police following reports of bribery and insubordination in line with their duties to control traffic in the city.

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Duterte originally intended to raise his concern on the city's traffic during the televised show, along with Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Davao Region chief of operation Eleanor Calderon and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) in Davao Region Abdulgafar Mohammad, when the issue on "kotong" or bribery irked Duterte.

"PNP, our national police, what do you think? (Kotong) is a recurring problem. Unsay tanaw ninyo? (What do you think?) Do I shout to the heavens for you to take action? Tinood amigo ta pero amigo ta tungod kay mayor ko (niadto) unya pulis ka. Amigo ta sa trabaho pero (It's true that we're friends, we were friends because I was mayor then and you were the police. We are friends at work but) it does not mean we will condone you, God damn it," Duterte said at the City Council conference room.

"I have long been angry about that. Now about those three Highway Patrol Group (HPGs) caught for bribery, I'm sorry but that's how it goes. But it should not end there. I hope the police will pursue charges. Actually that's robbery. Any form of threat when you are being apprehended whether you did something or not and you're threatened that's extortion,” he added.

Duterte also said he has heard some policemen were complaining of where they are assigned.

"Kamong tanan dapat muagi ug syudad muagi ug Paquibato. Makig-fight mo ug criminal diri, makig-fight mo ug NPA didto. That's your job. Ayaw mog tinalawan dira (don't get scared on it)" he said.

Duterte, during the show, also called for a crackdown of traffic violators in the city. Duterte on his right forearm had a long bandage which he explained after the show was caused by a traffic accident.

Duterte recalled that on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. while driving his motorcycle, a car suddenly swerved to its right. To avoid collision, Duterte said he crashed his motorcycle causing him to hit the ground and the injury on his right forearm.

The driver of said car, he said, was from Cotabato City and only had her driver's license recently. After some lecturing, and the driver crying during the ordeal, the vice mayor said he let her go.(Jade C. Zaldivar)