BE careful when you order a milk shake in Kamagayan, one of the city’s 10 barangays where illegal drugs are rampant.

The name of what was once a harmless and nourishing refreshment has been given to a potentially lethal concoction of powdered shabu and the painkiller Nubain, anti-narcotics officials said.

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Whoever thought you can get “high” with “milk shake”?


Jessie Tabanao, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 7 spokesman, said the new cocktail for intravenous injection is “in demand” because it takes effect for three to four days.

“This fits their budget better,” Tabanao said.

Take a “milk shake” and get the new “high” for four days.


The plan to sell the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) has again surfaced after the loss of some checks from a state insurance firm.

Cebu City Councilor Joey Daluz, council’s budget and finance committee chair, said it would be “too difficult to improve CCMC” without the private sector.

Sell CCMC to improve it? That’s management by selling.


Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama is not keen on selling the city government-run CCMC and instead plans to improve its services.

“Selling CCMC,” he said, “is not in my vocabulary.”

It shows he has a heart for poor city residents who can’t go to private hospitals or to the United States for treatment.


A small item in the city’s supplemental budget allocates P800,000 for a “tracking device to garbage trucks.”

Whatever happened to the city’s garbage trucks that they now need to be tracked?


The family of student-runner Alexander Landera, who sprinted to his death at the Mandaue District Hospital after joining the Cebu Energizer Night Run last July 10, is asking for justice for his death.

He should have been warned the TV commercial of an Energizer bunny who “keeps on going and going” applies only to batteries.

We keep on going and we could be gone.