QUARRY operations in Barangay Alangilan appear to be the root of the misunderstanding between a village chief and a parish priest.

Alangilan village chief Degie Tanista is seeking the transfer of Fr. Farley Ray Santillan as head of the Most Holy Rosary Parish. Tanista submitted a petition signed by 1,000 residents to Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra.

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He claimed that Santillan used the Church’s pulpit to criticize the barangay officials at the way they run the village, an actuation which Tanista considered "very unfair."

Tanista said that was a regular churchgoer when Santillan was still new in the parish because he appreciated and liked the priest's enlightening sermons.

He admitted skipping church services after Santillan started lashing at the way the village is run.

The village chief said that since he has nothing personal against Santillan, he tried to reconcile with the priest but Santillan allegedly still continued criticizing the barangay officials from the pulpit.

Santillan brushed aside all the allegations. He claimed that the friction started when the permit of a quarry operator in the barangay was not renewed by City Hall.

Santillan opined that the aggrieved party might have suspected him of having a hand in the denial of the quarry permit’s renewal.

Santillan also stated that he has no personal disagreements with Tanista but as parish priest he believes that he has the moral obligation to ensure that the affairs of the barangay are run justly.

The priest declared that he wants peace to reign in Alangilan, as he encouraged the barangay officials to perform their functions in the manner that the residents expect of them as public officials. (Carla N.Cañet)