WHILE 6th district Rep. Luigi Quisumbing will push for the upgrading of the Eversley Childs Sanitarium, he will not meddle in the ongoing conflict between the hospital’s union and two high-ranking hospital officials, saying “clashes of personalities” are inevitable.

“Conflicts between personalities sometimes can’t really be avoided. What we do not want to happen is when it affects the quality of medical care here in Eversley,” he said during the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the hospital yesterday.

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He added clashes in an organization can be constructive and can even provide checks and balance. “They are professional enough to work out their differences,” he said.

The congressman, Jagobiao barangay captain and hospital officials yesterday signed a MOA, which states that Quisumbing will allocate P600,000 of his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to the hospital.

The agreement also says the hospital will extend its services to indigent and disadvantaged patients from the 6th district requesting medical assistance from Quisumbing.

Quisumbing said the first bill he will file on Friday will be to increase the bed capacity of the hospital from 50 to 100, upgrading its service facilities and professional health care.

“The proposed measure will increase the capacity of Eversley Childs Sanitarium to address medical needs and make health care facilities more accessible to our constituents in the 6th district,” he said in a press statement.

Apart from Eversley, Quisumbing said, he will also sign similar MOAs with other hospitals such as the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

He said he also plans to put up a satellite medical facility in Cordova, which has no facilities for its constituents. Eversley will administer and oversee the said facility, he said.

He also promised to give one ambulance for each barangay in the district.

Also present during the MOA signing were Jagobiao chairman Editha Montesa, Eversley medical center Chief Dr. Primo Joel Alvez, hospital directors Dr. Joanri Riveral and Mr. Felix Eltanal.