A HOMICIDE complaint will be filed against the rookie policeman who allegedly accidentally shot and killed his fellow police officer Monday night.

Following the shooting, Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) Director Patrocinio Comendador Jr. was prompted to call for a conference with all the 111 neophyte police officers, who are on field training program (FTP), to reiterate his earlier reminder about gun safety.

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Prior to their deployment to the field, the FTP police underwent a gun safety seminar spearheaded by the CCPO.

Comendador said he was disappointed by the failure of the FTPs to follow the measures and policies taught to them.

Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 Director Lani-o Nerez hopes the accident, which claimed the life of PO1 Ronnie Barrita, served as a lesson to all gunholders, particularly the new police officers, to strictly follow the rules and regulations on gun safety.

P01 Ronie Barangian cried inside the detention cell of the Mabolo Police Station after

learning about the death of his close friend and namesake.

If given the chance, Barangian said he would like to visit the wake of Barrita and talk to the victim’s father.

He refused to comment further when reporters approached him for interview at the detention cell.

Barrita and Barangian were among the 111 FTP police under “Batch Idlas” who were detailed to the CCPO last March.

Barangian reportedly accidentally shot Barrita past 10 p.m. Monday inside a boarding house on Sanciangko St., Pahina Central, Cebu City while the two neophyte policemen were playing with their firearms.

Barrita died less than 24 hours after the shooting because of the gunshot wound in the neck. The slug from the Norinco .45 pistol owned by Barangian exited through Barrita’s nape.

P01 Mari June Bohol, who was with Barrita and Barangian, said in an affidavit that both the victim and the suspect were “playing and joking” while carrying their firearms near a stairway.

Bohol said Barangian pointed his firearm near the neck of Barrita. Barrita reportedly said, “Sige kablita, sano.”

Barangian’s firearm then went off. The slug tore Barrita’s neck.

“Nganong gikablit man nimo, sano?” Barrita reportedly asked Barangian after falling to the floor.

Barrita died in the Cebu City Medical Center.

Nerez said Barangian will be dismissed from service because of the situation he had gotten into.

“We are now looking into the degree of lapses he (Barangian) committed,” Nerez said.

“If only gibutang sa utok kung unsa’y gitudlo ug ibutang sa actual practice unsay gitudlo, di na mahitabo (If they kept in mind and practiced what was taught to them, this wouldn’t have happened),” he added, saying the FTP in Cebu City have just

recently finished their gun safety seminar.

He said it is “very basic” for a gunholder not to play with a firearm and not to point it at any person.

Nerez said the criminal and administrative charges will be pursued against Barangian and these will be used as basis for his dismissal from service.

The regional police, Nerez said, will determine the assistance they can give the family of the slain policeman. (JTG)