THE Provincial Board (PB) of Negros Occidental proposes to increase their operating expenses from P40 million in 2010 to P54 million in 2011.

Board Member Salvador Escalante, chairman of the Committee on Finance, said that the PB expressed their sentiments on the matter to Vice Governor Genaro Alvarez in a caucus Wednesday.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Escalante stated that they need the proposed increase for the purchase of computers and other office equipment, especially for the new members of the provincial board that include himself and Board Member Helen Zafra of the sixth district.

The P54 million operating expenses do not include the fund intended for the projects of the PB members for their respective districts. It will be included in the general fund of the PB for 2011.

Escalante said that they will submit their budget proposal to the governor before July 30 so that the governor can include it in the proposed budget of the province for next year.

The general fund to be proposed by the governor also needs to be passed and approved by the PB. (TED)