ANOTHER week of golf tournaments -- The Open Championship, The Philippine Golf Tour at Apo Golf Club, and the Dynasty Cup at Rancho Palos Verdes.

Did you watch The Open Championship on TV? I did, all four days, however, I only got to watch the first part. I fell asleep after an hour or so. Why?--IMO, British commentators are not as lively as American commentators.

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Bad weather. There was one day when they had to stop the match because of heavy winds. It also rained, but the game continued. Lucky were those who played early on the second day. No heavy rains and no heavy winds.

The winner of 2010 Open Championship is Lodewicus Theodorus "Louis" Oosthuizen.

Wow, what a name. It reminds me of the movie "Gladiator". He is a South African, born on October 19, 1982. He won plenty tournaments as an amateur and he turned pro at the age of 19. In second place is Lee Westwood. Three players were tied for third place - Rory Mcilroy, Henrik Stenson and Paul Casey.

Other notable players - Retief Goosen, 6th place; Sergio Garcia, 14th place; Tiger Woods, 23rd place; Ryo Ishikawa, 27th place; Vijay Singh, 37th place; Camilo Villegas, 44th place; John Daly and Phil Michelson, tied for 48th place.

I watched the final round of the Davao leg of the Philippine Golf Tour at Apo Golf Club. My Dad and I followed the flight of Juvic Pagunsan, Elmer Saban and Ferdinand Aunzo. It was a nice match. They made golf look so easy, and to think they teed off from the super back tees. Juvic Pagunsan is not even tall, and he has a lean body. He is not stocky or muscular and yet, in hole no. 3, from the back tee, he crossed the two canals with his driver. It is all in the timing, that's all I can say.

Did you know that there was this photographer who stood so close to Pagunsan when he was about to take his shot, just a few feet away? So Pagunsan made his backswing, and then on his downswing, before impact, the photographer started clicking away. Naturally, Juvic Pagunsan got distracted and it caused him to make a double bogey.

A note to sports photographers who know nothing about golf -- You cannot take a picture if you are near the player because the slightest sound can be very distracting. Move back about 40 yards away or more and zoom in to the player to take a picture. And as much as possible, shoot after impact -- after the player has hit the ball. After all, the best shots are of golfers in their follow through position.

Congratulations to the winners of the ICTSI Apo Golf Invitational which ended last July 16. They are as follows:

Champion - Juvic Pagunsan (208)

2nd place - Elmer Saban (212)

2nd place - Ferdinand Aunzo (212)

4th place - Rufino Bayron (216)

5th place - Elmer Salvador (217

6th place - Tony Lascuna (218)

6th place - Artemio Murakami (218)

6th place - Ebarra Quiachon (218)

9th place - Cookie Lao (219 pts)

9th place - Jhonnel Ababa (AM) (219)

Congratulations to the top 3 teams of the 2010 Dynasty Cup held at Rancho Palos Verdes last July 17. They are as follows:

1st place - Amiya Team (239) - Joseph Go, Sherwin Bahani, Noel Yango, Faisal Samanodi, Andrew Bautista, Ed Guevarra, Bobby Wee, Bill Larousse, Marc Lopez, and Kuresh Samanodi

2nd place - Dream Team (240) - Vince Gumapac, Benjie Senining, Chris Tan, General Franco, Jeff Ramirez, James Noel Morente, Monchit Mackay, Tony Gumapac, Ronald Galicia, and Vince Arcenas

3rd place - Korean Dream Team (241) - Park Ok Hee, Jeong Sang Hyun, Song Kyeong Ho, Han Gum Hee, Park Kang Wook, Park Young Ran, Cho Seong Ho, Kim Gye Sun, Huh Hoon, and Choi Yon Hee