I’M not sure whether the celeb parties concerned in a burning issue are enjoying, or are annoyed by the fuss that has been going on in the show biz circle. We are talking about the purported breakup of Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio.

A friend who’s fast in putting one and one together said that every time he watches TV and Vic’s commercial endorsement of a laundry detergent that has “such and such power” comes on, his naughty mind immediately goes to work.

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He concludes that the cause of the breakup (if at all it’s true), or the cause of the rumor circulating (about the breakup) must be what Vic says in the commercial—nothing but “germs, germs, germs!” Makes sense!


It’s good to note that Cebuano singer and former Pinoy Dream Academy scholar Van Roxas is returning to local show biz not just temporarily, but hopefully, for good. In a phone call, his co-manager, Mario Colmenares, said that the former scholar has decided to give show biz another try.

Van left the industry, despite showing lots of promise (no doubt, Van is a star material), because of his dream to pursue his studies in clinical nursing in the US where his mother is staying.

He has already acquired the coveted diploma, and so Van returned to the country for a vacation. But ABS-CBN was quick to the draw. Before he knew it, projects had already fallen on his lap.

He’ll first be seen in the Your Song series entitled “Maling Akala,” starting this Sunday, July 25, with Ai-Ai de las Alas and Kim Chiu no less.

Van will also be in a teleseries, which will showcase his singing and acting talents and will start airing in September. The network’s management is working on his appearance in Asap XV and for his dream album to materialize. Not bad! Welcome back, Van!


Charice Pempengco’s thermage and Botox treatment under Vicki Belo’s medical clinic has raised some questions and concerns regarding the fast-rising international young singer.

Not that they are in doubt of Dr. Belo’s capability, but because of Charice’s young age. Is she not too young to undergo such a procedure?

Dr. Belo was quick to answer that what Charice underwent was not the kind of treatment women of advanced age undergo.

The treatments that Charice had were meant to minimize the “roundness” of her face, which TV cameras usually exaggerate.

The result will be noticeable only after three months. Will the Glee people still recognize her as Charice three months after? Of course, that’s going to the extreme. I hope she’ll be more “TV camera-friendly” by that time.


Unlike in the past when awards usually went to senior actors and actresses, these days younger ones give their older counterparts a stiff competition.

Recently, Lovi Poe and Meryll Soriano were declared best actresses in Cinemalaya’s new breed and directors showcase categories, respectively. Good job! Oh, but were the senior actresses also in the competition? Can’t tell.