IT’S all about illusions. And in the fantasy world of fashion, there’s one overused trick that has always fascinated its followers, that is, how to make things (or the silhouette, to be specific) smaller. You can always start beating yourself up in the gym so you can liberally squeeze into most of the display dresses in the not-so-near future. But if you’re raring to go to a calendared bash, a quicker remedy should be in order.

Surprisingly, simple illusions offer promising solutions. They can make a plus sized women flaunt a curvaceous and sexy look. Color, patterns, necklines, material are some of the factors that contribute a lot in giving your body the desired shape. Briefly, here are some of the prescriptions issued by some style doctors:

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Welcome the dark side.

You’ve heard this before, pay extra attention to colors. Leave the bright, bold colors to the waifs. If you’re on the heavy side, go for solid dark colors. Black is the classic color that generally makes you look thinner, but you can also go for dark green, dark brown, navy blue or maroon. However, you also need to check whether the pattern and fabric of the dress is right.

Vertical Clearance

Avoid loud or bold patterns (prints) since they will not only make you stick out like a sore thumb, they will draw attention to the heavier parts of your body. Vertical stripes are considered life saviors since they give an elongated look to the body.

Viva V-necks!

Women with double chins, large hips and a heavy butt should wear v-necklines or side necklines. Abandon the idea of putting on a turtleneck. They make your neck disappear, and make you appear shorter and bigger. A stylish side neckline is a good option as it will highlight your shoulders, avoiding unnecessary attention to other not so great parts of your body.


Corsets are a fantastic way to smooth out the bulges and lift your breasts. If you want to emphasize your cleavage, then underwire bras are the best.

Go light!

Avoid wearing bulky fabrics like wool, they will make you out-of-shape or frumpy. Go for light cotton or satin like material for an evening dress which falls freely around the body.

Accessorize Appropriately (AA)

The right kind of accessories will not only give you a striking look, but also a slimmer appearance. Necklaces worn on v-necks will draw more attention to the neck, saving you all the unwanted attention to the other parts of you. If you are shorter and want to highlight your waist, then belts are a great option.

Stitch and Design

The style or the design of the dress should be such that it highlights your best assets and masks your worst ones. If you have a big butt, then wear an off shoulder dress showing off your shoulders or emphasizing your cleavage. If you have long legs, but a heavy upper body, then go for a short dress which focuses on your long legs.

Avoid Ruffles and Pleats

Whether it’s a ruffled shirt, pleated skirt or pleated pants, it will only make you look bigger than you actually are and will add unnecessary volume to your body.

Glam up your best features and de-emphasize your worst ones. Dress to flatter your figure. Try out as many clothes as you want but buy only those which suit your body type. Take a note of your strongest features and your weakest ones and dress accordingly.