WHILE beauty and brain are given in every beauty search, organizers of Milo Little Olympics are still looking for another facet, that of being sporty yet graceful.

It's another B, in fact. And that is "bearing".

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And, unlike in the usual beauty pageants where looks and height are enhanced with the use of false eye lashes, wigs, hair extensions, jewelries and heavy make-up, these are a no-no for contestants in the search for Miss Milo Little Olympics 2010.

Even high-heeled and sandals are prohibited since they must all wear rubber shoes. Those who ignore these prohibitions would be slapped with a five-point deduction for every violation.

Indeed, the search is quite unique.

What are being double-checked by the organizers, particularly the judges, are the birth certificates of the participants.

In the elementary division, she must be 7 to 12 years old with 1998 as the cut-off year, while in the secondary division, she must be 17 years old and below with 1993 as the cut-off year, according to Milo Little Olympics Mindanao area organizer Megdonio R. Llamera.

"As long as she is within these age limits and are pupils or students of a participating school (in the Milo Little Olympics), then she is qualified," Llamera stressed, adding that she must be endorsed by the head of school and is willing to attend the rehearsals that would be scheduled.

Judging criteria are not demanding since there are only three areas where the Miss Milo Little Olympics 2010 could be chosen. These are sports attire (tennis), 10 percent; poise, bearing and personality, 40 percent; and beauty of face and figure (complexion, proportion of height and body), 50 percent.

Three lucky candidates in elementary as well as in the secondary levels will be announced on July 30 during the opening ceremony.

They will receive cash prizes, plaque and, of course, a sash and a bouquet for them.

Miss Milo Little Olympics 2010 in elementary and in secondary will receive P5,000 each; first runner-ups, P3,000 each; and second runner-ups, P2,000 each. (PR)