VIOLENCE against cabbies rising in Mandaue City.

The meter of their lives is ticking dangerously.


Homicide complaint to be filed vs. rookie policeman.

You only have one shot to succeed--and he missed.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency


City’s P85-million fund for fuel “not enough.”

Government cannot accelerate progress if it runs out gas.


Cebu City Medical Center sale plan revived.

Ambulance chasers not invited.


Police add tree planting to law enforcement tasks.

It is a constructive way of branching out in their commitment to serve the community.


Lawmakers favor recycling wastewater.

Just like recycling trapos.


Vice President Jejomar Binay vows to clean housing ranks.

A hammer and lots of nails will be useful.


Justice chief sacks 20 immigration men.

Deport them to warfront Afghanistan.


Water shortage may bring diseases.

Viruses thirst for victims.


Weather bureau modernization pushed in Congress.

A strong wind is blowing for change in the bureau.