SINGING sensation Charice (Pempengco), explaining why she had “botox” injections and facial surgery, said she wanted "to look fresh on cam" when she'd start shooting for her episodes in the US top-rated comedy series "Glee."

Is there a reason she won't look fresh? She's youthful-looking and has appeared only in few shows and concerts for TV, her face still unsullied by repetitive exposure to vast audiences.

Besides in the serial she's prepping for, the characters are outcasts who aren't smart and hot enough to shine in the campus mainstream; that's why they want to excel in singing.

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Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, with whom Charice's character will pit against, has a nose a tad larger than she would've liked but her voice enraptures. Did Lea tamper with her nose? She didn't. Would she? Maybe, but not for "Glee," not when she's still young.

Cruel TV

Does it matter to Charice that, TV being such a cruel medium, she'd come out moon-faced? Instead, that look would've jibed with her Asian-singer role.

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo said the treatment would "sculpt (Charice's) naturally rounded face." Vicki sliced off a bit of flesh, that's all. But those toxin injections that would "immobilize" some muscles must worry her fans even if it doesn't faze Charice herself. What if she'd still sing well but could no longer adjust her face for a song's mood?

Charice may also have other plans for her image after "Glee." She may not be content with just sounding as magical as Britain's Susan Boyle. Charice may want the killer look Susan must also long to have.