By Stella Estremera
Goin Places

IT WAS a hurried plan to go out and eat as deadline was nearing and I haven't tried a new place yet, and so with just Imee in tow, we went to this new place along Mabini Street (at the corner of Mapa St.), where a small restaurant has long been enticing us to try... Wings & Dips.

We chose the lone table outside so I could enjoy the peaceful night and my poison. It turned out to be a not so peaceful night, that saw Imee and I moving inside the restaurant instead. Blame a cellphone snatching incident over the kanto... (Kasarap manawag ng DDS...)

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Anyway, that incident wasn't about to stop us from trying a new place and so waited for our order. Me, opting for the Combo F, which is made up of four wings and Spanish sardine pasta. I checked on inferno (meaning super-hot) for my Wings and a blue cheese dip.

Imee asked for wings that are not spicy and opted for Combo E, pesto pasta with gambas.

Now, warning for those who can't stand hot dishes: Do not order the gambas pasta. It's too hot for you.

Imee realized this and was not even able to eat up the single serving of pasta.

Haha! And to think, she was asked whether she wanted her chicken wings hot or mild... they forgot to ask her if she wanted her pasta hot or mild as well.

Verdict? The place is spic and span, very neat, very quiet, and with small details that you will enjoy, like model vintage cars and motorcycles.

The service is fast, and the food is just okay. Okay, meaning, not superb but not bad. The chicken wings can be made better with a little salt. I mean the chicken wings itself. The sauce in which the wings are cooked is okay, tasty, but the taste just doesn't penetrate into the meat, and thus leaves some taste buds unsatisfied.

The pasta is good and the serving is just right for snacking tummies. The bigger appetites might need a double order or so.

The dips are good. Our blue cheese dips tasted like there really is blue cheese there. The place is quiet. It was just unfortunate that that motorcycle-riding robber chose that time to strike...

After that, we went to our sanctuary... a coffee shop nearby, where we relaxed our nerves.